1st Day of our Parelli Clinic in the Caribbean!

Horses running Free For our 1st Day of our Parelli Clinic with David Lichman, David had us set the horses free to run and roam. They ran around the tropical grounds in pure delight, kicking up their heels, then settled down to graze. He then asked everyone to walk quietly or sit and lie on the green grass as the horses wandered by, integrating ourselves into the herd.

Jungle horse herd grazing

After awhile of observing each horse, everyone was asked to approach the one they felt most attracted to. Some who had at first thought, "Oh, I want to be with that horse!" realized that a different horse called to them and was a better partnership for them.

hanging with the herd

Horses and people mingled with each other, relaxing in the warm tropical sun.

greeting the horses

Bill, our rescue pony, had a little shoulder pain, Grace did some stretching exercises with him to loosen it up , which helped him move with more ease in the Parelli Games to come.

Yoga stretching for horses!

Nancy & Anya (the Paso Costaricense gaited paint mare) backing up t the Yo-Yo game. Anya is a very attentive & willing partner and Nancy a very good pupil & teacher combined!

Nancy & Anya with the Yo-Yo Game

David Lichman with Debbie & Shiloh (Peruvian Paso white gelding) . Shiloh is learning to back up with rhythmic pressure. He is a bit stiff, especially in the neck area, but started to bend more easily by the second day of the clinic. Debbie & Shiloh hit it off right from the start, what a dazzling pair they were!

David Lichman, Shiloh & Debbie

Grace & Bill demonstrate a nice back up here, with light lead pressure.

backing up with lead pressure

We gather to hear what David has to say. He asks us what we have learnt, then its time for lunch! Caribbean meat patties , a Jamaican speciality of meat, root vegetables,curry and other spices inside a baked pastry,  delicious, the best in the area, made by a local family here in Cahuita. Pizzas made by an Italian friend Roxanna, lots of fresh tropical organic fruit, cold water with lemon and starfruit juice to quench our thirst! For the afternoon coffee & cake awaited us.

After lunch we all sit around on chairs or horses! to watch David's  videos of his own horses and the amazing things they can do and how much they enjoy doing it!

David Lichman videos

Just hangin' out!

hangin' out

Practicing the turn with the direct rein.

riding with the direct rein

Thank you Brego, for doing so well!

The Bow

Let's call it a day!