2nd Day Parelli Clinic with fun & games

After a fresh tropical breakfast at the Magellan Inn we head out with the horses to where we are having the clinic with David Lichman, a lovely lawn of green pasture spread under the shade of the giant coniferous trees and fruit trees. Only 200 mtr. from the beach we can feel the sea breeze over our skin. Debbie unlocks the gate with Shiloh, Nancy & Anya following close behind.

arriving at the gate

David giving some love to Sultan, patiently waiting for us to all gather round.

David Lichman

Here are our two clowns of the whole show! Evie & Charlotte with Anya.

Parelli clowns

Now, we get serious! Its the Bull & the Matador game!

Shiloh & Debbie as the bull

The idea of the Bull & Matador game is for the person & horse playing the bull to charge the matador (other horse & partner) with the carrot stick, like the porcupine game the horse should give to pressure from the carrot stick as his rider then uses his aids of indirect or direct rein to move him away. Only some of us didn't seem to know if we were bull or matador! LOL!

laughing games

Brego stands still waiting for the bull to dare come and get him!


Debbie and Shiloh dance together in a little sidepass...

debbiedancing withshiloh

Here Ishtar a young 1/2 Arabian filly & Evie check each other out.

1/2 Arabian filly Ishtar

This was one of Ishtar's very first rides! Charlotte rides her without bit or saddle in just a Parelli halter. She soon had her backing up and walking quietly around without fear or pain, how better can it get?!

Parelli bareback & bitless riding

David & Conejo enjoying a well earned moment and treat.

David Lichman & Conejo

Time for some meditation...

meditating on a horse

and then its coffee & cake break with french Brioche & chocolate!

Coffee break

Then we took some time to relax and watch videos of David playing with his horses and the amazing things they do together.

David Lichman with his horse

Time for the last photo, au revoir! See you next year!

Parelli clinic farewell