Parelli Clinic in Arenal, Costa Rica May 2014

A 10 Day Getaway in Arenal, Costa Rica A combination of a 2 Day Parelli Clinic with Christina Madoni and a vacation Getaway by  the thermal volcanic baths of Arenal and the beautiful lake with the volcano towering above.

Volcano & Lake Arenal

Spectacular trail arounds around the Lake Arenal.

Horse Trek around Lake Arenal

Follow the trails up high into the mountains over looking the Lake Arenal.

Lake Arenal views

Ride through this magnificent country side of waterfalls, volcanic ash, thermal baths with Christina Madoni during these 10 days of relaxation, fun and learning.

horse treks in Arenal, Costa Rica

Christine Madoni is a 3-Star Licensed Parelli Instructor, Licensed Horse Development Specialist and a Level 4 graduate of the program.

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Christina Madoni instructor