Anya is a lovely  Paso Costarricense paint mare. Previous owners took her to parades and also show jumping, now she enjoys the Pura Vida life of the Caribbean, Natural Horsemanship, Yoga and swimming in the sea!

Anya came to us in 2010 with her daughter Anoushka.  She was recommended to us by a friend, as Evie was looking for a horse friend. The previous owner was broke and the 2 were basically starving to death. Anya was skin and bones and had a 6 month old filly at foot who was nursing. Eve only 10 at the time, rode her in a ring with little Anoushka kicking up her heels and galloping all around them. Later Evie would call her the little Devil and would get very angry at her when she would ride Anya on the beach and about, with Anoushka bouncing all around them. We agreed to buy her and take her home. There was so much more to her skin & bones, that we had yet to discover. Then we just saw the beautiful,caring & devoted mother she was, and what a good mother she would be to Evie.

We got her home and started to fatten her up, she loved to eat! She would become so excited and intense when she knew food was coming that she would start to Piaffe in her stall. It would have been cute to watch if you did not know it was due to her starvation. After all these years she still gets so excited and dances in anticipation.

We soon discovered she had other problems. She had been a valued and well bred mare and much was expected of her, in shows and breeding. Her training was most likely pushed along at a rapid pace, as she was constantly pressured. You couldn't touch her head and NEVER her ears, when you put the girth on she cow kicked with a very good aim!. When you rode her, if she was afraid, insecure and didn't want to do something, she turned into a bucking bronco. Evie took many a spill, but determinedly always got back up. When Anya developed an ear infection we had to work it out. I must say Eve worked with patience and love until Anya would put her head down and enjoy the ear scratch, now she loves it! She doesn't cow kick anymore and its been many years since she ever bucked. She is now the caretaker and mother of the whole herd. She is the one they call for, go to, need and feel secure with and she has so much patience with them. 

Several years ago, in one of our first Yoga in Harmony with Horses, Anya showed us the Healer in her. Corinne was in meditation in Lotus pose on the green grass. All the horses were at Liberty around us. I was taking pictures , so was able to witness what happened. I saw Anya walk straight up to Corinne, facing her head on, and she stayed there, completely still for at least 20 minutes, then turned and walked away. What I learnt afterwards from Corinne was that Corinne had felt a strong pain in her arm and was worried how she would be able to give the Yoga class afterwards. That was when Anya walked up to her. She felt Anya's presence and then the pain started to dicipitate, until it was completely gone, at that moment Anya walked away.

Since then she has shown us her beautiful gift in many ways.

Only recently have we started to ask her for Piaffe, Eve does this with love & joy so that Anya may enjoy it too and not associate anymore to pressure and stress. She surprised us and Javier of how light and high her cadence in Piaffe is. Spectacular for a little Costa Rican gaited horse.

Anya loves to be a mother and when Anoushka went to live with our friend Nancy, we promised her one day she would have a foal of her own and she could keep it beside her forever. I think this day is coming soon, as her eyes shine with love and mischeviousness when she sees Magnus and Nahar. We'll have to keep our promise!





Anyaโ€™s person is my daughter Evie and they ride many adventures together. She is sweet, confident and gentle but with that Paso Costarricense liveliness and spark to her. Paso Costarricenses are Costa Rican gaited horses. She has a slightly slow high-step gait and also a very long extended gait, depending on the terrain and what is asked of her.

David Lichman awarded her best attentive horse in the clinic of 2013 that we had! My daughter has spent much time with her playing the Parelli Games and she moved easily into the more advanced ones asked of her.

Relaxed and attentive, Anya shows her quality as she patiently lets the girls have fun while she enjoys some green grass.