Asha, the Nymph,

An Iberian mare

Ah Asha! So much about Asha! She is petulant, strong, dominating, sometimes a little girl having a temper tantrum, but she is also lovely, adorable, sweet and endearing. She is the love of the volunteers that come to us. She wins their hearts with all her mischeviousness  and devilry!

Her silver mane, and high dancing moves,  such power and grace combined.

She is pure Aries, Fire sign,a bundle of energy and fire. Asha loves to lead, she shines when she can express her fiery competitive spirit!

If only she could learn to control herself. She is very jealous and attention seeking. Needs to be up front and where its all going on. She might seem to some nervous and a little hectic, but you can ride her down a highway, with bulldozers and rollers and she won’t flinch an eye. She is fearless and she loves to jump anything that comes across her way.

Though not for everyone, she is an amazing ride, and will fly down the beach for you, on her silvery white wings!