Greyjoy was going to be put  down, because he had a bone spur!  We bought him in the nick of time!


Greyjoy is a born Yogi, he lives it and breathes it. Meditation is his thing. He can go so deep into his meditation that he will sometimes just fall down, catching himself at the last second.

He also loves to stand knee deep in the sea, looking out at the horizon, in meditation. Surfing the waves is one of his biggest pleasures. Yoga, meditating, surfing, eating & sleeping is what he loves most.

But a free happy canter down the beach is not to be refused!

horse running beach.jpg

He is also the only one who will put up with Asha’s nonsense. When she gets too obnoxious, he will pin his ears and walk away, ignoring her as she tails behind him.

He can appear to not be interested and distant. But it is not what he wants. He is not happy when he has been left alone and participating in anything. Then he will be offstandish and walk away. Its up to us to take the time, hang around with him, let him know he is special and we want to be with him, then he is happy, relieved that someone cares. Take him for a bareback ride to the sea, up to his knees and have a siesta, he will just stand their, with the waves lapping at his feet, in a meditive state, grounded yet totally on another level. Oh Greyjoy, you are a special one in our herd and I know the sacrifice you have done to protect the herd. Thank you.