Maximus, says it all!

Maximus is a 1/2 Andalusian 1/2 Quarter horse mix, born in 2010 and he was a great little cowhorse in the mountians of Turrialba to Carlos Orlichs herd of roaming free Andalusians of Hipica de Pacuare. He was very down to earth and pragmatic, did what needed to be done, no fuss, no muss.

Now with his wonderful attitude and look on life, he has become the steady Yogi, the vaulting horse, the one you can count on trek horses, the Pony Club horse, the beginners horse... He's very freindly and always wants to know whats going on.

Not too big, but strong , square and sturdy, perfect for the mountains and jungles trekking. He has the most comfortable light rythmic trot I have rarely felt before. I can just imagine a cowboy riding him for days and days at this steady balanced trot.

 He participated in an Equine Intuitive Coaching Retreat given by Stacey Warner, and loved it. he was all into it, enjoying interacting with the guests and feeling everything out. Whereas Greyjoy is definitely the Yogi boy, I think Maximus wants to be a therapist :)