Nahar came to us at 1 year old. My friend Carlos Orlich, owner & breeder of the beautiful Andalusian horses of Hipica de Pacuare, in Costa Rica, told me I must have him!

So how could I refuse.

An old soul in a young body. After a 6 hour truck drive down windy mountain roads, he arrived on the beach as peaceful as could be. Stepped off the truck onto the grassy mound by the sea, as if he had been born here. He knew this place, he’d been here before. He knew it, I knew it.

He is now a 3 1/2 year old young stud with his still very assured yet gentle mannerisms. He takes and learns everything with ease. He has never had to mistrust anyone, was never hurt nor abused, never forced with painful methods. A clean slate. I remember reading Linda Kohanova’s book “Tao of Equus” and her beautiful black mare, Tabla Raz/ meaning clean slate. Nahar was just this, clean of bad & negative energies. he had grown up running the mountains of Turrialba first with his mother, then with fellow colts & fillies. Then he came to us.

He is very much the stallion, and loves the girls, but he is so well mannered about it. Its so cute. One day we had both mares Anya & Shad in the ring for a riding class. Nahar was tied up behind the stables, so as not to intefere. Well he managed to unite his not and find his way over. Oh my! All the whinnying and excitement, he was just so thrilled, a young boy and these two beautiful mature women! By the time I got to him, he was prancing and snorting and doing his Flehman response and all. But when I asked him to let me put his halter on, he became quiter, contained his excitement, and let me walk him away, without any fuss.

With Nahar, I began his training with Carolyn Resnicks Waterhole Rituals. I had already followed 2 courses with her. At that time I had done them with Shiloh. So I then continued to use them with Nahar. Everything is at Liberty. He now follows me, turns with me, soon we will dance together! Thank you Carolyn for your beautiful and wonderful ways of training, I have learnt so much and it feels just so very right.