Shiloh The Magician

a Peruvian Paso gelding

Shiloh came to live with us in 2008. He was born in the high, cold wet mountains above Cartago. His owner’s grandfather was the first Costa Rican to import the Peruvian Pasos and breed them in Costa Rica. Shiloh was the last one they had after many years of breeding. As the farm was being converted into an organic mushroom farm, it seemed Shiloh needed a new home. He was 6 years old, had the run of the place, more like the family dog than a horse. he was loved by the grandchildren and their children, but times were hard and they had to make their business. They hadn’t gotten to the point of actually selling him, but a friend of theirs knew I was looking for a horse, and suggested we would be a good home for him.

My first ride, I will never forget, up and down the mountain stony roads, his gait never faltered, so smooth, I had never ridden a gaited horse before. He was so light and responsive, and you could see he had a mischevious glint in his eyes, full of laughter, full of promises and fun.

He naturally collects and becomes so noble & proud when you get on his back, wether bareback or with a saddle. He has a lot of energy and like most Peruvian Pasos he can out walk any horse who's at a trot and he can flat trot as fast as any horse can canter. Being so light & responsive makes him one of the funnest rides and you just feel great. I love him so much, he is definitely my buddy, my go to, when I just need a fun, easy going time on the beach, Shiloh is the man.

Shiloh is also a magician. He knows how to open all doors and knots. He even watches you as you tie them, then when you walk away, he unties them. He opens everyones stall doors open, shoos them out , then goes in to check what they are getting better than him.

Shiloh knows how important he is and he expects respect and acknowledgement. If these are not given he will walk away and completely ignore you. But if you are fully present with him and show him that he is what is most important right now, in the moment, he will give you soooo much!

He is a healer and has comforted me and taken away much sorrow and filled me with such joy. Horses as Divine Mirrors tells us so much about what is going on with us, no matter how hidden deep inside it can be and Shiloh is a master at this. He will pull it all out of you, then leave you in peace & harmony. Blessed be this horse.

He is magic to be with, magic to ride and magic to learn from.