The Healing Art of Movement

The Healing Art of Movement


9-16 November, 2019

During this one week, you will be immersed into movement of the body and mind.

Alseny and Nathalie will teach you about the capacities of your body to move in time and space, drawing on their long time experience in circus and partner acrobatics.

Completed with breathing techniques and meditation for the mind, it makes a holistic approach to learn how to move your body freely.

In the relaxed setting of Kindred Spirits, be ready to open your mind for what your body is capable of doing! 

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Alseny Sacko during a performance.

Alseny Sacko during a performance.

One week retreat

Holistic approach to movement

Learn how to move freely with techniques originating in

circus and acroyoga

With professional and experienced teachers from around the world, live a childhood dream of being an acrobat.

Bringing together intense exercises and challenging movements of acrobats to strengthen and balance your body with relaxation techniques for the body and mind through the practice of yoga and meditation.

Learn to stretch your limits, find your balance, harmonize your energies and reach for the stars with Nathalie, Asenic and Terry on a unique voyage to discover your bodies potential.




Alseny Sacko

Born and raised in Conakry, Alseny or “Assenic” grew up in the neighbourhood of Matam where he was part of the first acrobat group originating from their local hip hop group ‘Negro Radical’.

With ups and downs, he kept following the path of cirque, specializing in acrobatics, Chinese pole and base. However, he touched lots of disciplines (karate, capoeira, straps, cerceau, trampoline…) which made him a pluri-disciplinary circus artist. Additionally, he started training other acrobats, many of them who work now professionally in circus all over the world.

After touring in Africa for years, he managed to get a position in the internationally remunerated show Afrika!Afrika! in Germany. Since then, he has been working as acrobat in several European shows. With all his experience in teaching and in circus, he merits today to be called a motivational example for the young acrobats dreaming to follow his lead. While working with Tagadart, an equestrian show, Alseny also learned to work with horses. His main skills were training horses in voltige cosaque and voltige jockey.


Alseny will be teaching acrobatics, partner acrobatics (from which acroyoga is a part) and equilibrium. Furthermore he will share valuable exercises to improve your physical condition and cardio. Also preparatory exercises for those who want to go a step further in acrobatics will be given to continue training safely at home. Also, for those interested in dressing their horses to start voltige, Alseny can demonstrate valuable exercises to start training your horse! 


Terry L. Newton


Lead Trainer in Yoga with Horses, Terry is a natural born Yoga teacher and Yoga therapist. Growing up with horses in Canada, she became an experienced rider and trainer, specializing in Natural Horsemanship and Liberty training. Through her experiences with horses and healing she became aware of the deep connection between horses and humans and how they can mutually heal and help one another. She began to incorporate horses into her yoga practice and went on to create Mindfulness Meditation with her herd of horses.


Nathalie Vandenabeele 

Born in Belgium, but with a great wanderlust in her heart, Nathalie discovered the world through her studies as bio-engineer and different apprenticeships in the medicinal plant and ecological building world.

Eventually she found a place in Costa Rica at Kindred Spirits. From there she auditioned to work with Cavalia’s artistic director, Benjamin Aillaud. She got accepted and so discovered the world of Cirque. After being trained as equestrian artist, she also started acrobatics, partner acro and silks.

She has trained with professional acrobats in Guinea, France and Belgium and worked in several small shows in France. Today she mainly concentrates on the creation of an acrobatic duo with Alseny, training of horses, and the Construction of a circus school in Guinea.  


Nathalie will be teaching equilibrium, partner acrobatics (acro yoga) and silks. She will focus on preparatory exercises to start silks, to develop the physical strength to do handstands and partner acro. As well, she will teach about the artistic aspect of silks and equilibrium. Using methods from dance, chi qong and breathing, she will try to let you feel the possibilities of expressing yourself through silks and handstands. 

When requested, she can teach workshops with horses. Especially in the disciplines of liberty, voltige and jumping, she can share lots of exercises and insights into training. 


Soak in the 5 Elements of Caribbean energy; sun, sea, beach, air & jungle in this one of its kind Acrobatic Retreat in the Jungle.

You will leave feeling empowered, focused & confident.




Day 1

Arrival after 1pm.

Meet the teachers & discover your new beautiful home.

7pm Welcome dinner.


Day 2

8-9am Yoga class with Terry.

10- 12 Partner Acrobatics: Beginning with confidence building and meeting each other through acro yoga poses.

1pm lunch

3-5pm Handstand class. Introducing basic handstand exercises and breath work to learn how to align body and mind.

7pm dinner


Day 3

9am Morning class partner acrobatics. Going deeper into the poses of day 2 and combine what you have learnt in handstands with partner acrobatics.

1pm lunch

Free afternoon to discover the beautiful beaches of the Caribbean and maybe some surfing lessons!

6pm Evening Restorative yoga with Terry


Day 4

9am A walk down the jungle road to the beach and discovering basic acrobatic movements, on the sand. This will raise confidence in the body and help one learn how to breathe and keep up energy during physically intense training. Increasing your skills to perform partner acrobatics.

1pm lunch

3pm Afternoon class. Light handstand class to increase physical strength of the arms , while releasing the shoulders.

6pm Yoga Nidra with Terry

7pm dinner


Day 5

9am Visit to the Jaguar Rescue Center (Rescue Center for wild animals that are then rehabilitated back into their natural environments).

1pm lunch

3pm Learn how to physically prepare your body for intense working in acrobatics and partner acrobatics. Attention will be given to breathing during cardio and muscle training.

6pm Meditation class with Terry

7pm dinner


Day 6

9am Partner acrobatics; going deeper into the poses and combining movements with confidence.

11-4pm free time to explore the area and try local dishes.

4pm Nathalie will give a class on nourishing herbal infusions and the importance of energy work in the accomplishment of free movement.

7pm dinner


Day 7

8am Yoga Class

10am class with free choice of participants in which movement direction they want train; partner acrobatics, handstands and acrobatics.

1pm lunch

3pm Afternoon class will be on Aerial silks. This class will show how aerials can strengthen the body to perform partner acrobatics. Also the flow of breathing will be trained to enable yourself to gather the necessary endurance.

6pm Goodbye Meditation & Closing Ceremony.

7pm dinner



We strive to keep it as seasonalorganic and vegan as possible. We can also accommodate any food allergies you might have.


Enjoy preparing your breakfast with our welcoming basket of seasonal fruit, coffee & tea, eggs, butter, jam and milk.


We all (volunteers, interns, guests and myself) come together at the main house for lunches and dinners. A lunch will typically consist of two or three types of salad with bread or tortillas, but it all varies with each cook and their inspiration. 


Dinners are typically curry, vegetarian stews, vegan loaf, etc. 




Depending on the number of bookings you’ll be placed in one of two houses in our community, Howler’s Cottage or Toucan’s Cabina.

To view more photos and information on these houses please visit our accommodations page.