Reflections on how to say goodbye to 2016

Its raining. A Beautiful tropical rain downpour! I love it.
It cleanses the body and soothes the soul.
I am sitting on the big open terrace of our jungle lodge. It looks over to the mountain side and the giant trees with their sprawling roots. 
This morning, as I was sipping my hot tea, snuggled into the cushions on the over hanging bench, a flock of toucans were in the highest branches eating their morning breakfast.
It feels good, it all feels right and as it should be.

Last night, we stood on the beach in the town of Puerto Viejo, the sea lapping at our feet, surrounded by joyous festive people from all countries, fireworks exploding in the skies, the sea shimmering with their reflection. A thousand dazzling stars of fire spreading hope and joy in the hearts of those below. Its interesting how fireworks fascinate us all. Somewhere deep inside it brings hope of better things to come, it rekindles the light we may have lost on our way this past year.

Though not a bad year for us, as it has been for many. It has had its struggles, battles, good byes, sadness. Bittersweet moments of saying good bye to the old and welcoming the new. 

Looking to the opposite shores, far away I see the fire works of Cahuita lightening up the skies. Our old village, our old home. I felt a twinge in my heart, a feeling of loss and regret, it brought tears to my eyes and made me feel sad, in that moment where I had felt light and joy. Why? Why now? Was it fear of letting go and finally saying good bye to all that had been? Fear, once again, entering my heart unannounced. A fire lantern floats by, they are lit and set into the skies to carry away our negative moments of the past year.  Frida, a volunteer from Sweden who has been staying with it, asks β€œWhat do you want to let go of that you no longer need?” I look towards Cahuita, I know. It is time to say the final good bye, not just to Cahuita, but to all the baggage of all the years, that are no longer needed. Let it go. So I looked at Cahuita, then to the lantern, and I said good bye. My heart felt lighter, light & hope replaced the sadness and the fear, all was happening as it should, I just had to let go.

So as we enter 2017, with all that has been happening on Earth and continues to do so, we must remember to have no fear, to let go of what is no longer good for us, be it material or emotional. Fear, it freezes us, it enslaves us, we become paranoid, we become filled with dis ease.. So let this go, be the best of who you are, let your spirit shine, be brave, be hopeful. We are here for the experiences, it is what we make of them, good or bad, that defines us.

I wish for All Beings on this Earth, love, light & hope for 2017 and for the years to come.