Costa Rica, where a new journey begins


Cahuita, is a small, laid back village on the Caribbean shore of Costa Rica. The intensity of the jungle combined with the powerful energy of the ocean,  makes for a special, spiritual place!

The multiculture of this area is unique. We have the indigenous tribes of the Bribri, the Jamaican black settlers, the Spanish conquistadors and the Chinese immigrants. As if that weren't interesting enough, we have a colourfulinternational mix of Americans, Italians, Canadians, French, Germans, Swiss, Swedes, Spanish and much more! It is a wonderful to live in this authentic, eco-orientated atmosphere of peace without racial borders.

The Caribbean coast of Costa Rica remains virtually untouched. There are miles of empty beaches, vast jungle, and a rain forest full of abundant wildlife & fauna.

On my first visit to Costa Rica, I knew that the Caribbean held something special for me.  Soon after, I came to live with my family to find out just exactly what that was.  It was not until many years later that I started to even have an inkling of what was waiting for me.

 Now our dream has come alive with Kindred Spirits Equine Therapy Retreats.   

Our 1st Retreat, which will be a total of 7 days in September 2012,Shelley Rosenberg , an Advanced Epona Instructor will come to give a 4 Day course on "Accessing your Intuition through the Way of the Horse". We will spend the other 3 days enjoying what everyone loves about this area...horses, beaches, waterfalls, jungle and ocean life!  All the information is under our Clinics page.

"If you are to achieve the peace, joy and spiritual fulfillment that you want so badly, it will depend on one thing and one thing only - your willingness to simply do something different. "Wyatt Webb"