Epona Instructor Shelley Rosenberg: Accessing Your Intuition


Shelley Rosenberg will be offering a 4 day clinic of "Accessing your Intuition" hosted by  "Kindred Spirits" at the Magellan Inn, in Cahuita, Costa Rica. September 8 to 15, 2012

At Kindred Spirits we will be offering the 4 day Workshop with Shelley Rosenberg, as well as a 3 day trekking vacation on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica Tropical Dream Treks

Shelley Rosenberg offers individual Equine Experiential Learning sessions that can include Passive and Active Round Penning, Reflective Riding, and Journey Rides. These sessions use both the human and equine instructor’s expertise in developing an open communication and strength of relationship with a horse that can engender the discovery of life skills to aid the human in all relationships.

In addition, as a United States Dressage Federation (USDF) “L” judge, and certified USDF instructor, Shelley provides lessons and training for riders starting at the very beginnings of their experiences with horses, up to the level of Grand Prix.

Accessing Your Intuition will evoke a question we ask ourselves daily: Is this in my best interest? Is this for my highest good? Will this experience help me move in the direction that I am wanting my life to go? We can get information by asking the question and watching the horse’s response. We can learn to trust our own choices by direct communication, examining feelings, and healing through truthful speaking of emotion.