Conscious Horse Conscious Rider with Anna Ullenius

We just spent a beautiful week-end by Amelie's riding stables in Punta Uva with Anna Ullenius from Sweden. Anna is a high level dressage rider, horse trainer & healer. Being a practitioner for "Access Consciousness", she has developed her own program of Awareness through the horse.

It was a 2 day workshop. The first day "Joy of Being You through Horses" brought us some deep moments of connection, where participants were able to let go of bottled up emotions that were preventing them from living their lives fully. We watched as the horses so openly participated in this. Licking, chewing and yawning,  signs of releasing and healing for all. The energy was very special. A wind started to swirl around us, leaves picked up and flew in circles, parrots took flight and then the skies opened up and a warm tropical rainfall in all its intensity poured down upon us. It truly felt like nature was cleansing these souls. It is hard to explain what happened at that moment or portray the feeling it gave, but everyone felt it.

The next day we had the "Conscious Horse Conscious Rider" class. We worked in couples on individual horses who had injuries or emotional issues. Anna showed us techniques to ask the horses where they were sore ,where the problems lay and then to clear the emotional blockages that were creating these problems. Past and present issues. The horse I worked on had an inflamed tendon and was extremely head shy. As I connected with him and followed through the healing techniques, his head lowered and he relaxed, I was able to touch his poll and ears with his head quiet and low. The he let out a deep sigh. My hands were also placed on his shoulder and croup and then to his injured leg as well as the other 3 to balance and connect altogether.

Some of the other horses had back problems and one had been terribly abused. Sultan, a beautiful horse who had been abused, his soul was collapsed and shut down, he had lost trust in humans, and only would accept Amelie to be with him. In a few hours, Anna opened him up.

We were several participants around Sultan, and in the end he was relaxed with our being near him. Later Amelie rode Sultan bareback and bitless with the other horses, as Anna gave us lessons in riding with our intent, focus and body energy, the beginning of dancing with horses!

A day well spent!

Horses and humans relaxed and connected to one another. It was amazing to see how much the horses participated and opened up to the healing , not just the healing of themselves ,but they became the healers!

Brego,an 11 year old abused Iberian, came to me 1 1/2 years ago, skinny, jaw broken from a car accident, infected abcesses on the body and beaten. I took him in and healed him with French Clay, Essential Oils, Reiki and lots and lots of love. We have a very strong bond. He trusts me, and I trust him. He is known as the crazy dangerous horse in these parts. But that is not who Brego is, he is magnificent and noble with a very forgiving heart. What he went through would have left many severely damaged. He doesn't trust many people, but when he does, he opens up  his heart. Anna came to visit him. She felt how special he was and he was drawn to her. We passed a few hours together, Anna released some blockages in him and then we did some ground work. He was enthusiastic and he told Anna that he wanted a job ,wanted me to spend more time and go out with him! So yes, Brego lets go have some fun!