Yoga & Horse Harmony Retreat this September 1st, 2014!

We are having another Yoga & Horse Retreat September 1st -8th! Join us for 1 week or pure connection with soul and horse $2000 for more info Yoga & Horse Harmony Retreat

Also for just 2 day clinic without lodging, lunch included $180

or 1 Day clinic lunch included $100

For more information please email us at or telephone at (506) 27 55 00 35 or (506) 88 58 11 40

Corinne Aulakh joins us for 1 week of pure connection with soul and horse.

Breathing in rhythm and balance with the horse.

An excerpt from one of Corinne.s articles in Yoga Times

"You can apply the Yamas of Yoga to your training sessions with your horse with awareness and a little imagination. Originally the Yamas were developed to help people clear the path for their own self discovery journey. By applying these same principals to your horse you and he will communicate more clearly and honestly.

Any interaction with your horse is a mixture of herd behaviour, which automatically includes the concepts of alpha and hierarchy and the union of your two spirits, which is a concept of yoga and meditation. -

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