A Magical Moon Ride!

blood super moon Last night we rode out to the beach to see the last and biggest Super Moon of the year. Its a Super Moon in Pisces and being the last one  of the summer, its about bringing things together, harvesting. On top of that its a blood moon, at least it was by us!

When we left, there was no moon to be seen. It was dark and cloudy. It was hard for us and the horses to find our way down the little path to the beach. There was just a light glow, enough to guide us through the shadows.

The path got smaller, the night got darker and the shadows got more scary and imposing! Then as we turned the corner and the sea came into view, an enormous ball of fiery orange appeared before us, hovering over the glimmering waters of the Caribbean sea! It was powerful and wild, mysterious, magical, the energy was tangible. It was like a magnet drawing you towards it.

We sat on our horses, facing the rising moon, gazing in awe The horses ears were pricked forward and their eyes too were watching this powerful display of our Universe.

We then took a quiet walk down along the shore as the waves moved and splashed around our horses legs. The dark shadows of coconut trees, the sound of night monkeys and owls and a heavenly perfume of exquisite night jungle flowers surrounded us.

Returning along the beach, we watched as the moon rose higher in the sky, becoming smaller and more distant, yet turning into a powerful white light that illuminated everything!

Thank you Brego, Anya, Shad and Asha for taking us on this magical moonlit ride!


Shad and Chelsea moonlit!