Corinne and the Amazing Half-Pint during their Yoga sessions!

Yoga Pose with horses Our Kindred Spirit, Corinne Aulakh, with her beautiful steed "Half Pint" practicing asanas at their home in the mountains of Escazu. Their house is perched on a mountain with incredible views over the whole Central Valley of Costa Rica. The riding arena is surrounded by flowers, bushes and an organic vegetable garden.


Bridge Pose

Gardner/ horse care-taker and handler, he does it all! Half-Pint likes him very much and is totally at ease as Corinne practices her Bridge pose. There is a deep trust & bond between all 3 of them.


Yoga asanas with horses

This feels and looks so good!



Steady Half-Pint as Corinne moves into a stronger bend, opening and releasing the back leg muscles & calves.


Preparing for the Finale!



Our horses love this type of work, more play than anything else. They relax and enjoy these moments we spend together as much as we do. Hardly perceptible, as we change and move into another position on their backs, they too shift their weight in accordance to where the weight is being placed. We are very careful to move slowly and with flat and soft feet, so that no soreness will be caused to the horses. Their chewing and yawning, relaxed eyes and ears show how they feel so well and in tune with us.


A Happy Ending! :)