Solar Eclipse New Moon in Scorpio Oct 23, 2014


A Partial SOLAR ECLIPSE / NEW MOON in Scorpio is here on October 23rd 2014. It is at zero degrees Scorpio thus signaling a time of completion and initiation. Scorpio is keen about seeing the truth and if we can be truthful with ourselves about really seeing and releasing our the karmic loops, we have great opportunity to complete some aspect of our lives and begin a new phase. Relationships with others and with Self have great potential for expansion and for breakthrough.

from a very interesting article written in

After reading this whole article, it made me think of family, friends, volunteers and guests, all going through intense moments and changes right now. Letting go of the old, to be able to let in the new.

How important it is to have the courage to shut doors so that new ones can open.

In these last years, many things have changed for me. I am an adventurer, I love change and when I have a dream, I want it to happen NOW! I have had to learn to be patient and let life happen, understand that I cannot control everything. It hasn't always been easy, but I am getting much better at it. Horses have helped me so much with this, especially Brego, as by using any type of control, you lost all connection with him. So when I read this article, it mage me feel excited and very happy, what new adventure would be waiting for me?

Today, with the beginning of the New Moon, Greyjoy( our Iberian gelding) who had been separated for many months for health issuses, from the other horses, was able to join with Asha. Impetuous, temper tantrum, possessive, dominant, drama queen Asha. From the moment they met, there was peace. She  settled right beside him, they mirrored each others moves, grazing in harmony side by side. Greyjoy was so happy and content, an enormous grin upon his face, Asha was so calm and serene, at peace. Greyjoy's story of illness and solitude is now over, a new one begins with Asha. One of togetherness, love & light.


I look forward to New Beginnings, new adventures, new love, new hope and the miracles of LIFE!

“I AM an Empowered Conscious Being” is a wonderful statement to use now.

Namaste Terry