Midnight Dream Horses

So last night the telephone rings at midnight. I try to ignore it. Really I need to sleep, I have guests in the hotel and always wake up early. But it kept ringing and ringing. Then the dogs start barking and I hear a noise at our gates. So, alright, alright, I answer the phone. Its Leda, my friend and hotel receptionist calling from outside our gates. Her neighbour called her to tell her that 2 horses were running down the highway and a truck had almost run into them! My heart stopped, my throat constricted, no!!!!!! Then Leda reassures me the horses are fine, they are actually outside my gate on the neighbours lawn enjoying the lush green grass! So I run out in my nightdress, 2 ropes in my hand, and there in the full moonlight are 2 beautiful grey and white horses grazing under the silvery moon. Their heads perk up and they look towards me as if to say "Ah, there you are! We couldn't get in the gates were closed."

Now I know horses find their way home all the time, but this was different. First it was 4 km. away and they came back along the highway and down the road, a way they never have gone before, I take them out to this pasture through a short cut, a little jungle path. But they jumped the fences of the pasture, walked 3 km. along a highway in the middle of the night to come back home. I am sure they were communicating telepathically with the other horses at home.

Its so weird, I have 7 horses and I have different pastures that people lend to me for them to graze, as at home we do not have enough place, just the stables and a small pasture. They have each other, you think they would be happy out in a big pasture. But no, they all want to come home, back to the heart of home. Its not about being with the herd together, they could stay out at pasture and be together. No, they want to be a home.

Although I wasn't so happy to be awoken by a telephone call, or traps down the dirt road in my nighty, it was well worth it, just to see their beautiful silhouettes shimmering in the moonlight on a lush grass lawn, their heads up, ears pointed towards me, as I walked to them and lead them home, they were so peaceful and happy to be coming home for the night.

The lovely culprits!