Little Boy Blue, the story of a Great Dane

A sad start to life with a Happy Ending! This is a story of how many people came together to bring love and happiness into Blue's life.

Blue is a grey Great Dane, with the most soulful transparent eyes that look deep into your soul.

He was found and rescued by a lady, Connie, living in Arenal. Only bones, he had been malnourished and abused, yet despite this you could see all the love he had in him that he just wanted to give.

A beautiful soul

Unfortunately Connie had to leave urgently back to the United States for personal reasons and could not take hime with her. She desperately wanted to find a good home for him!

So Nancy, the next person to help Blue, called me and told me Blue's sad story and that help was needed, would I take him? Of course, my heart sad yes!

So Walter, another important element to the story, said okay I will bring him to you. This consisted of a 5 hour drive from Arenal to the Caribbean of Costa Rica.

Blue arrived quite bewildered having been wrenched away from someone he had grown to love and trust. It was hard to see, ย he remained calm but his eyes had that far away disconnected look. Though to us he looked so awfully skinny, Walter told us how much weight he already had put on, that he was much worse before! Blue followed Walter with his eyes, his last connection with security.

But a reality check with my 2 daughters, (they have there heads better on than I do when it comes to this :), asked "How can we bring in another giant male dog into a home where we already have 2 giant male dogs?" I had an idea! He could live with the volunteers in the beach house. Nice idea and the volunteers would love him. But I had to be honest and do the right thing for Blue, he deserved it. I know Great Danes, we have one. They love their people, their family, changing people on them all the time, is too hard for them. They need their own home and their own people. So I decided we would do everything we could to find the perfect home for him and nothing less and until then he would be with the volunteers in the beach house.

Blue 7 Terry by the little Beach house with Grejoy

Some people asked, but it didn't seem very hopeful, they either couldn't promise to keep him for life, that was my first and main request, or they couldn't afford to feed a Great Dane the amount he needed.

Meanwhile, Nele, one of our volunteers, fell in love with him and Walter had to say good bye and go back to his home in Arenal. By this time Blue was feeling more at home, eating more and going on walks with Nele, Evie (my daughter) or I. He saw the sea and beach for this first time, he wasn't ready to swim in it but he did like gazing out at the waves.

Blue gazing out to sea.

A few days later I get a call in the morning from a Dutchman, who said he had heard about the dog through his friend who had also wanted Blue but his wife said no they already had 3 big dogs and a hotel, no go. There was something about his voice, that made me feel trusting. I told him up front my requisites. He answered he had grown up with a Dane just like Blue and had 3 big dogs already and lived in a big farm in Paraiso, could he come by and meet Blue.

A few hours later he arrives on his motorcycle and we go to see Blue. As I open the gates, Blue walks right up and looks at Dennis (the Dutch man). Dennis kneels down in front of him and they look each other in the eyes. Dennis whispers, "I am in love." During this moment the hair on my arms stands up and the energy of love going on between the two is palatable, its just zinging with energy (if zinging is a real word, I like to make words up!) I knew then, they were meant for each other and that all was well. It was beautiful to see, heart warming. Blue had found his home.

Blue with Dennis

I want to thank everyone who helped Blue find his own person and a home.

The Rescue Centre in Arenal who saved him from his sure death.

Connie who adopted him.

Nancy who searched to find someone to take him in and convinced me I must!

Walter who drove him down to us, all that way.

Nele and Evie who helped to take care of him the few days he stayed with us.

Dan for telling Dennis about our story.

Dennis for falling in love with Blue and offering him a home.

To the Universe for bringing it all together!

Thank you!

post by Terry