Wild Wise Women Retreat June 29th - July 6th , 2015

"3 women came together, each with their own stories of trials, loss and healing. They spoke to each other of what this meant to them and how through pain, loss and life's struggles they had created new possibilities, opening doors to new experiences and a new way to live. They talked, they laughed, they teased one another, joked, ate good food and from all this they created something they believed in. Something Wild, something Healing, something Transforming" 3 Women on a journey

I met these amazing women in a country far from my original one where I was born, and they far from their original places once called home. A Portuguese woman, a American woman with Philippino and German backgrounds and a Canadian woman from a multi International background. Women of the World, as we all are. In a little country called Costa Rica, which had become our home for many years we were drawn together by ties unknown, each of us on a similar path of looking to make a difference and help others on their way as we too grow on ours.

Each of us, by choice & free will, had decided to enter the world of the healing arts, to heal, body , mind and soul and to live in harmony even in times of chaos.

With a desire to bring peace in our souls and those of others, as well as to create harmony for all Beings on Earth, we offer you a time to spend with us. Let the nature of the vibrant tropical jungle and the energy of the sea nourish you.

One week of healing the body, mind & soul through Energy Healing, Yoga, medicinal plants, meditation, horses, nature and healthy organic and delicious savoury meals.

Join our "Wise Women Retreat" to share & unite with other women and find your inner peace, your inner child, your soul.

June 29th - July 6th, 2015


Ceremony of Intention