Week End Decadency!

After 2 weeks of steady Yoga we went out and gorged on decadent yummy food at "Bread & Chocolates" in Puerto Viejo, If you are even on the Caribbean side, you HAVE to go there. Linda, Corinne & Terry at "Bread and Chocolates" in Puerto Viejo

Best breakfasts and lunches ever, if you want to treat yourself. Geat sanshwiches made from home made whole breads.



From creamy scrambled eggs, to Jerk Chicken sandwhiches (also veggie option which is super scrummy!) to homemade ice cream Sundaes with brownies.

Corinne is in ecstasy, Divine Bliss!

I tried the Turlte Sundae (homemade vanilla ice cream, with organic dark chocolate sauce and, AND salty caramel sauce with a topping of fresh cream! OMG, to die for, could have rolled me out the door though. We also left with our pockets full of goodies. mint brownies, banana and lemon poppy seed cupcakes, for our after dinner treat watching "Game of Thrones" Perfect way to end our Sunday.

Turtle Sundae