“Multi-style Yoga Teacher Training” with optional “Equine Yoga Program Certification”

This October we will be having our next YTT "Yoga Teacher Training" course. After such a wonderful experience in May meeting so many wonderful women of all ages, we wanted to do it again. YTT students & teacher

A combined, learning, sharing & adventure experience. Become a certified Yoga teacher on the beaches of the Caribbean!

Meet new people, each with their own stores and adventures, create new friendships, taste new foods, experience the jungle, the animals, feel the energies of this very special place. Here is where all elements meet; water, air, fire, earth and ether. Sea, skies, sun, jungle and the etheral energies of everlasting life. An uplifting experience of knowledge, wisdom and life. Connect with your inner self, connect with others, the nature and the animals.

Beach Yogis

We are also introducing for the 1st time, a special "Equine Yoga Program Certification" EYPC. As well as the YTT Certification Curse we will also be offering this optional Certifiaction program for Yoga with horses. This course is suited for intermediate riders and all experience level Yogis. Physical therapists, social workers and anyone working with at- risk populations will benefit from this course. All students will enhance their understanding and practice of yoga and the unique communication skills learned by interacting with our horses will translate to their professional work with their clients at home.

Yoga in Harmony with Horses

For more information on both of these programs please go follow this link:

Equine Yoga Program Certification