Javier Breton Perez Clinic by the Caribbean Sea

I am still walking around on a cloud of happiness after this wondrous weekend spent with Javier Breton Perez, friends & horses. Javier Breton Perez & Magnus

Transforming, memorable, instructive and revealing. Horses and riders learnt so much and were transformed in the process.

The days were sunny, the seas an exquisite blue and welcoming after extenuous work & riding in the arena!

Our guests and students; Corinne, Barbara, Heike, Leo Cano (excellent equine veternarian), Maria Teresa,  Jennifer volunteer, Eve and myself.

Students in deep thought and concentration

Our horses; Shiloh Peruvian Paso white gelding, Anya Costariccense paint mare, Magnus Lusitano stallion, Nahar Andalusian colt, Asha Iberian mare and Maximus Iberian gelding.

The first morning, after a healthy breakfast served at the Magellan Inn, we lead the horses to the arena to begin the day. First lesson was Corinne with Magnus. Magnus, a Lusitano stallion, not yet 4, has just begun his training since a few months. Javier had had him in his stables under training for Carlos Orlich before I bought him. Good beginnings!  Corinne wanted to practice longeing and to become more adept at this. So after some preparation Corinne & Magnus walked into the arena. The first few minutes were given to Magnus to let off some steam, kick out the blocked energies to let them them flow easily.

Magnus Lusitano stallion kicking for joy!

Magnus starts to settle and the class begins.

Javier longeing Magnus

Corinne reflects on what Javier has taught her.

and now puts into practice...

Corinne Aulakh with Magnus on the longe

Barbara Brown long time endurance rider requested instruction on position, aids and balance to improve her riding.

Barbara with Shiloh Peruvian Paso gelding

Barbara & Shiloh learning to relax

and to laugh! Now what do I do!


What now?

Time for Javier to show us what's it all about!

Shiloh & Javier

Heike loves her horses & loves to ride, but has never had formal instruction before and would like to become a better rider for her horses and herself.

Heike from Cocles with Shiloh

Leo Cano excellent Equine veternarian and dentist, something hard to come by. He has a true love and passion for horses, each patient is important and after care is very professional. So much so that though he had come for the 2 day clinic, that night he had an emergency call and had to leave to San Jose and miss the next day. Horses health and life first!

But before he left he had time to ride Anya and learn some Piaffe steps under Javiers instruction.

Leo Cano & Anya

Time for a break with some fun at vaulting exercizes & some yoga!

Preparing Maximus for vaulting exercizes

Maximus has a new profession! He is turning into our vaulting pony!

Javier on our new vaulting pony Maximus!

Heiki used to vault on horses as a child, but says it has been years!

Heike & Maximus

sack of potatoes exercize

After the vaulting exercizes Heike tries some yoga on horses under Corinnes guidance and support.

Equine Yoga class with Corinne

Yoga or vaulting?

We stop for a break for lunch iced lemonade (much needed!) and some deliscious local "Patti" a baked pastry filled with spicy meat & root vegetables, typical of the Caribbean cusine and its Jamaican roots.

Next up. Nahar 3 1/2 year old Andalusian colt with Corinne & Terry. I have worked him alot in the Waterhole Rituals of Carolyn Resnick, leading, giving to pressure, but today Nahar will be having his first lesson on the longe and saddling.

Nahar longe lesson

Nahar's 1st longe lesson

Putting the saddle on, Nahar takes it all with complete calm and relaxation, not a worry in the world, my sweet tempered boy. He is the youngest and will always be our little boy, no matter how big he becomes :)

Javier puts the saddle on Nahar for the first time

Nahar 1st saddling ex

Longeing with the saddle, Nahar takes it all in his stride.

Nahar longeing with saddle

Now its time for some weight in the saddle. Javier prepares him slowly, patting him all over, pulling on the stirrups, reaching over to the other side, patting him everywhere. Making sure he sees him from bith sides, from above so he will not be surprised. Though a little worried, Nahar still stands quietly.

Mounting Nahar

Then a few circles, so he becomes accustomned to the weight on his back when he moves his feet.

First steps with weight

That's enough for today, Nahar did a wonderful job, all in calmness, so we leave it at this on a good postive note.

Brego, the King, will have a post all to himself and his amazing transformation that has begun with Javier.

So after the time Javier spent with Brego, Jennifer, volunteer at Kindred Spirits, had her lesson with the difficult and precoscious Asha, a 5 year old Iberian mare, dearly loved by all the volunteers, but very difficult to control as she wants to dominate all insight, horses, humans, dogs , no matter! Lack of socialization skills from having been weaned too early and kept alone in a stall (previous owner)had made her a very obnoxious horse, that many of the other members of the herd had a hard time putting up with. Except for Mother Anya, who cares for all.

Jennifer lesson-3

As usual Asha wanted to take control and go. Trying to stop her she would rear in a frenzy. But Javier explained to us how to stop this very quickly and easily by applying the right aids. A few more times and she didn't even try.  Soon Jennifer was enjoying herself, both of them relaxed, no longer pulling and fighting on the reins.

Jennifer & Asha

Javier suggested a trial on the beach to see if Asha still remained calm and collected.

Jennifer beach lesson-2 Jennifer beach lesson-3

Which she was! Success and happiness for all! Lots of smiles!

Thank you Javier for an outstanding day!

Javier Breton Perez