Shad appeared in my life several years ago, upon visiting an Italian woman Paula, who had lived in Costa Rica for many years. She had created and built with her own hands  and with the help of other partners, the beautiful “White Cloud Sanctuary”. A place for Yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong and meditation Retreats.

Nestled in the steep mountains of Santa Ana, I discovered this sanctuary and saw Shad for the first time, 8 years ago. Paula was just starting her breeding of Arabians and the Costa Rican Criollo and her other activities. At the time Shad was not really for sale and I was there to buy one of her fillies. But Shad caught my eye and I could never forget her.

Several years later I heard Paula was thinking of selling her for personal reasons. I contacted her, she was thrilled to have me as a home for her beloved Shad and I was overjoyed to have her! Unfortunately before she was to be transported to us, she had an accident on the mountain and cracked the bone of her hind fetlock badly. The vet said the prognostics were bad and that most likely she could never be ridden again, only for breeding. Paula, would not sell her in this condition to me. So sadly I gave her up. But I did see her again, while she was injured, and I felt so strongly the connection with her, that i just couldn’t forget her yet again. My daughter who was with me at the time, said she felt it, the energy between the two of us “Something is going on between you two,Mum. Whatever it is , it is powerful.” But I had to say good bye hoping and praying she would heal.

Paula took very good care of her and never stopped believing that Shad would heal. With massages, creams, love and rest, Shad did recover, after 1 1/2 years of gentle care and faith. Paula started riding her again, and bit by bit she regained her strength and health. I watched thru Facebook her progress and was so happy for both of them. We chatted often. Then one day Paula, told me she was thinking again of parting with her, as she had too much work on her hands with the new project of White Cloud Sanctuary and also the son of Shad, and big beautiful Arabian stallion. But she would only think of selling her to someone she knew and trusted. So yes, what could I say! I wasn’t even looking or needed another horse, but the time was right, I had always known she was meant to be part of “Kindred Spirits” she was so full of soul, she was and is “angelic”.

So in June, Shad was brought down from the high mountains of the Central valley of Costa Rica, to the Caribbean and its beaches.

She fitted into the herd completely, everyone welcoming her and feeling immediately comfortable with her. There was no pecking, no pushing, all happened peacefully and calmly, it had always meant to be.

Graceful and gentle, she is a lady, and when you ride her her trot is light and airy, like floating on clouds.

An angel in her heart, soul and body.

She became a Yogi….

and then a therpaist in Equine Theraphy….I believe her true calling….