I got in the way of my horse!

What not to do? Get in the way of your horse, when another horse just bit her butt!Because if you do, you end up, like me, in bed with a cracked rib and all your plans and projects come to a screeching halt. Extremely frustrating! Needless to say, it put me in a slightly irritable mood, not much fun to be around, or so my daughter tells me. But I think I am really trying :), but it hurts, I can't laugh, can't cry (which is what I want to do, lie in bed and feel sorry for myself, yes!) Well, that is not working out very well for me, so I must change my tactics. Hence, here I am am! All yours dearly. I have lots of photos I want to post here, so you can get to know us ALL more. I am going to write down all the healing techniques and products that have worked for me, tried and approved by Terry! Believe me, I have tried many. With so many injured ,sick and abused animals visiting us, adopting us , money always being an issue. As you might already have found out, it takes a lot of money to love and care for animals. So I have often had to look for the more economic ways, that are natural and healthy, yet don't bankrupt me, well, not completely anyways. So keep an eye on our Blog, I will be putting up a few new interesting topics in the next week. Be patient with me, my rib hurts and the horses, dogs, parrots,chickens and cat still want their dinner and love, but amongst all this, I will be sitting in front of my Mac (yes, now I have entered the world of the Mac, and yeah, the old cliche is absolutely true "once have a Mac, never will go back" Not trying to sell anything here, Steve Jobs did that well enough, but really, it is so much more fun. My older daughter is rolling her eyes at me, right now. So keep tuned, for interesting and helpful information!