The 1st of the 4 Days Caribbean Jungle Trek following David Lichman's Clinic

After finishing our 2 Day Parelli clinic with David Lichman, we headed out on the first day of the 4 Day Caribbean Jungle Trek. Travelling along the old beach road of Cahuita. Old Cahuita Beach Road

beach trail ride out to Rio EstrellaNancy here is in the lead with Mora, a stocky Criollo steed! During the night , we had had a light rainfall, but in the morning the skies had cleared up, and the sun started to shine its warm rays down on the Caribbean shores.

Caribbean beach sky in CahuitaNancy Farber on Anya and Grace Sternand on Bill enjoyed the warm Caribbean seas lapping at their feet or hooves should I say!

riding along Playa Grande, CahuitaThe skies turned a deep celestial blue as far as the eye could see. It was like meditating, riding along the beach, the waves gently breaking, the sound of the sea and the gentle hum of the jungle mixed together and the deep blue stretching out to the horizon.

Rio Estrella trek with Kindred Spirits, CahuitaWe then took the path that starts to lead into the jungle.

Nic & Amelie in the jungle trekWhen we entered the jungle the balmy air surrounded us and the dense over growth of the jungle swallowed us up in its embrace. Tentacles of ferns hung down and giant leaves encompassed us. Whenever I do this trek, I feel like Indian Jones, machete (long Spanish blade used for cutting in the jungle on and on the farms) in hand, slashing through the jungle!

jungle trek in Cahuita

The vibrant colours of the red ginger & vibrant green of the leaves were food for the eyes & soul! Nancy showed the way through with Grace & Debbie following closely behind, though Debbie was a little engrossed with taking photos on her iphone!

Rio Estrella river delta, Cahuita

When we arrived where Rio Estrella meets the Caribbean sea, the river's bank were covered in drift would swept up on the shores from previous storms.

Rio Estrella & Talamanca mountains

Brego gazes out to see, the rolling Talamancan mountains behind.

The horses later drank their full of sweet fresh water from the river and then we went to find a shady coconut tree to enjoy our picnic!

picnic Rio Estrella

Here under the coconut trees, we sat down to rest and enjoy some cold drinks, sandwiches and fresh pineapple. The cool gentle breeze from the sea was perfect, just missing the hammocks, next time we'll bring them!

fun & laughs!

Fun &  laughs!

Rio Estrella Riding trek in Cahuita

The ride back along the beach, everyone was relaxed, talking and laughing, even some decided to jump!

jumping a beach log Playa Grande Cahuita

Brego, Shiloh & Terry, Playa Grande, Cahuita, Costa Rica

A beautiful day ended, happy horses & happy people!