A New Experience in Being with the Horse

Horse reflections photo As the eternal student, I never tire of learning new things & new ways! As of yesterday, I have embarked on a new adventure. The philosophy of the Waterhole Rituals with Carolyn Resnick. Fortunately for me, this amazing woman, horse trainer & horse lover, also does online courses. So I have joined the Extended Circle Waterhole Ritual classes of Spring 2013! Very excited, indeed! Everyone should definitely take a look at Carolyn Resnick's website and see the wonderful work she does and the harmony and connection she creates with horses. I read her book "Naked Liberty"a few years ago and have 2 of her DVD's, not only extremely insightful and fascinating, but a must for anyone truly looking for a deep connection with the horse. The book is for everyone to read, even if you don't have horses. Now, finally I can participate in an on-line class!

I will be doing it with Shiloh, to build a deeper connection with him. If I am a good student, I will later follow with Brego, whom I believe would definitely prosper from this. With his extreme sensitivity and history of abuse, he does not like or accept to be pushed and forced into situations. This way of training will give him the choice.

A dear friend of mine Carlos from Cocles who sells his wonderful organic produce up and down our Caribbean coast, wrote this in one of his emails to his clients. It arrived at the perfect time, when I was embarking on a new way of training to enlighten my soul and connection with horses. I have copied it here, for everyone to read.

"This warm breeze and life giving waves have put me to think, deeply. There is a lot to be said about having an open mind to learning new information and accepting changes in what we believe and how we act on these beliefs. If you can accept the notion you can always learn something new about a subject you already master you will always grow, when you know it all, then there is now room left for you to grow.

No matter what you feel very confident you know, be willing to dig into and test new information without instantly disregarding or judging new information. But knowing is not enough. Action and dedicated application to your life of what you know is what makes the real magic happen.

When you know what is good for you and you do it, even if it means sacrifice, even if it means lynching old habits which no longer serve your best purpose, you gain the true benefits of knowing what is good for you. All this application of yourself is for one simple reason, because doing what you KNOW is good for you is the best way to say I Love You, to You."

Thank you Carlos, for your wise words.

Terry, Kindred Spirits, Cahuita, CR