Healing for "Stowing Up" on our pony Bill

Chakra healing with Bill Bill, our 16 year old adopted pony started having swelling in his hind legs in the last few days. My first fear and concern was the dreadful "laminitis" having been through a long and painful journey with my soul mate mare "Geisha". He was on pasture, green grass, recently, so worried he was having a reaction to this. But his 2 hind legs were simultaneously swollen from the coronary band up the pastern and over the fetlock. He looked exactly like an old women with circulation problems and legs like posts (no offense, it is a circulation problem!)

stocking up horses hind legs

How could both hind legs at exactly the same time, swell up exactly the same way? He wasn't limping or lame but you could see as he walked, looking from behind, that he was stiff and awkward. This wasn't the sign of laminitis. Laminitis can effect 2 legs but it will, in general, start with one, then move to the other. There is also a lot of pain, Bill was uncomfortable but he was not in severe pain. He was still walking around, lazily eating his grass, a trot if needed, but not often.

So I looked up in the Horseman's Veterinarian book and also "googled" Google, what a great and useful invention!  This is where I discovered that all the signs led to him "stowing up"

#1 Swelling in 2 hind legs, 2 legs at same time: check!

#2 Stabled: No, he is out at pasture, but he is a lazy boy and only moves if absolutely necessary!

#3 Heat: Yes! Big yes, the last few days it has been unusually hot and humid!

We started with about 20 minutes of running water over his legs. I chose a blend of Peppermint and Lavender Essential Oils to rub where the swelling was.

Then we went to work on some Energy healing, which I have been studying and practicing from Margrit Coates through her amazing books "Healing for Horses", "Connecting with Horses" and "Horses Talking" I have also been taking a 2 1/2 year class on healing, energies, and chakras on a soul level with the Spiritual Science School of Hungary, graduating this November! So exciting!

Though not a professional,yet, I do not want to make a false claim, I love to do this for our animals, my children, myself and friends. It also creates a deeper and more peaceful connection.

I started by directing healing energy to the Brachial major chakra and heart chakra, then moved on to simultaneously directing energy to the Sacral Chakra for whole body, back pain and muscles as well as a point on the hind leg for hind limb and foot problems.

Healing Chakras on our pony Bill

I love the way horses open up to this and then just lower their head and relax! When I first started doing this, I couldn't stop being amazed at how much they reacted to this energy and would totally relax, yawning, chewing etc... I had read this but when you actually see it happen, it is such an experience. It is something everyone should learn to do, truly your dogs, cats, parrots, even chickens and of course horses, will be very grateful!

We are also taking him out on walks, down the little grass road to the beach to walk in the sea. Though Bill is very lazy and chill in most circumstances, take him to the beach and he just wakes up and comes alive! He loves it, his walk becomes sprite and light , like a young horse, he loves rolling in the sand and he loves to go on rides on the beach too.

After only 2 days of this schedule, the swelling is going down and he is so much better. All without Bute or any other anti inflammatory shots, yeah!

Horses love essential oils, you can let them choose the ones they need, by just letting them smell them. What I do, is choose several that are good for the condition or problem at hand, then let them choose which one they like, they know what they need. Of course I read this in several very good books on Essential Oils for Animals and Essential Oils for Horses. I will create a page where one can find excellent books, youtube videos and web sites,FYI.

Bill is close back to being his happy self!

Bill with one of Kindred Spirits volunteer, Susan from Sweden