A 1 Week Horse Trek in July along the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica!

Horse Trails Caribbean Costa Rica Spent 1 week with Sally & Jeannie following the trails along the beaches and into the mountain rainforest & jungle!

Horse riding Caribbean Sea

Sally with Shiloh, our Peruvian Paso loves the sea, he will swim way out into the waves and surf!

Horse riding on the beach Costa Rica

Jeannie with Anya and the deep blue Caribbean sea! Β These turquoise waters are just begging for us to jump in and swim!

Caribbean Costa Rican cow country

Hitting the trails through Costa Rican Cow Country on the way to the beach. These cows are Brahman cows and do very well on the Caribbean coast.

Punta Uva horse riding in Costa Rica

The beautiful untouched beaches of Punta Uva.

Caribbean beach horse riding

Coconut Groves and sweet salty sea grass for the horses, a pure delight for them!

Jaguar Rescue Center Costa Rica

Visit to the Jaguar Rescue Center, and amazing place where dedicated biologist Encar and reptile amphibian specialist Sandro and their group of volunteers work with passion to save, protect and return to the wild all animals that are in need. Here is an orphaned sloth in the arms of one of his caretakers.

toucan in Costa Rica

A toucan whose top beak was chopped off by a machete.

giant coniferous trees Costa Rica

Riding through jungle paths where the ancients trees stand nobly ,holding and protecting the earths treasures.

horse napping

Sally & Jeannie relaxing at siesta time before venturing into the Rio Estrella's river delta.

canoeing on Rio Estrella Costa Rica

The Indian guides paddle up the winding arms of the river, sighting caymans, pelicans, turtles and other river life.

Iberian horse in Costa Rica

Brego , the noble Iberian.

Paso Peruvian horse in Costa Rica

Shiloh, the enchanting wizard.

sunset horse ride Costa Rica

A sunset walk along the beach.

Thank you Sally & Jeannie for joining us this Caribbean Trek!