Walking on the Moon

Full moon Sept 19, 2013 We went out for a full moon ride on the beach Shiloh & I, and Greyjoy with Nathalie. Dreamy, breath taking beauty, another world, another dimension. The waves washing around the horses' hooves, clouds drifting, the shimmer of the moon on the glistening sea. The experience enlightened me...

I wrote a Haiku to remember this moment and I would like to share it with you,  hopefully a glimmer of this experience will shine and come through with my words, if only a little bit, I will be content.

"Shimmering light of the moon,

Waves, manes, tails a glow.

Amazon women of long ago."

Wisps of clouds, arms in the skies,

Hoof prints in the sand.

Shades of grey from the other world."


"Spiritual Worlds entwining,

Silver threads of clouds.

A sea dance of manes & tails.

Horse and woman walk the path,

Walking on the moon.

Shimmering seas of wisdom."

Terry Newton 20/09/13

Thank you Shiloh, Greyjoy & Nathalie for sharing this moment with me.

Shiloh the  moon lit Seahorse