Inspirational Yoga & Horse Retreat at the Caribbean Seaside Chapter 1

What an inspiring week we spent with such amazing women! I am in awe at the power of these retreats, at the power of these women and the powerful energy from the horses! Asha

Linda, Corinne, Natasha, Karin, Milena and I shared this journey together. Experiencing moments of joy, moments of hilarious laughter, especially Linda, will never forget her pure belting laughter of delight! To moments of letting go, letting go of anger, regret, loss and frustration. Tears of sadness turning into tears of joy.

Corinne Aulakh, our Yoga instructor, brought us into deep relaxation, deep poses and breathing exercises to aid with the release of locked up emotions.

Yoga in the Sanctuary

On the first evening we participated at the opening ceremony. Each one of us chose our goal for that week, something we aspired to be, feel or do. Mine was to open my heart to a deeper connection with animals and nature, to hear them and what they had to say. What the other women chose, I do not know, but I do know that by the end , they all felt they had attained what they had chosen. I know I certainly did!

In the morning we woke up to the sound of the birds and the monkeys. The second day a big family of howler monkeys, mummy, daddy, babies, Grandma and Grandpa, cousins and all decided to camp in our Caimito tree, a Caribbean tropical fruit tree with deep purple skin that stains the fingers and inside a white succulent flesh or pure delight and sweetness! These howler monkeys sure can howl, and the old Grandpa was very impressive!

Baby Howler monkey

Grandpa looking down on us!

Morning Yoga practice in the Pavillion with many breathing exercises. These breathing techniques are very interesting, reconnecting your right brain to your left. Bringing energy up through all the Chakras and balancing them. A series of Sun Salutations and some more poses to free up the body.

At 10 o'clock we went to the horses. Shiloh, Anya & Asha. 3 soulful horses with so much wisdom. Each one with their own gift to give. You never know what will transpire, but I am always in wonder at the magical unexpected things that do.

Sharing Territory during Meditation

At first, we Share Territory with the horses. A beautiful practice I learned from a very special horse trainer Carolyn Resnick. After participating in 2 of her online courses, where she guides you with your horse, I have incorporated this into my daily life with our horses. So easy to do, actually just nothing to do, nothing at all! Just be with the horses, sit, read, meditate, be at peace and in the moment. Do not touch the horse, do not interact, just let everything BE. Follow your breath, the rustle of the leaves, the warmth of the sun on your skin, free the mind and enjoy the surrounding nature. In these quiet moments your Heart Chakra opens, opening up to the heart chakras of the horses. Nothing said but all is felt.

Nothing is said, all is understood.

In this moment of Sharing Territory, 2 incredible things happened that day. Asha, our new Iberian mare of 3 1/2 years old, is still a young maiden, still a little frisky and unsure and sometimes just an absolute brat! LOL! As Natasha sat in Sukhasana- Easy Seated Pose, on the grass, Asha walked right up to her, literally dropped to the ground, laid full out, without rolling at all, and fell into a deep meditive state, right at Natasha's feet. Then Anya walked up and she too dropped to the ground and laid beside both Natasha and Asha. This lasted maybe 20 minutes or more. Everything was silent a peaceful. What was so unusual, is that noramlly horses would roll, neither did, they felt the peace, the inner calm of all of us lying or sitting on the grass and wanted to join us, soak up this energy and add their own to create and energetic shield full of love.

Asha & Natasha "Being"

Then later on, Corinne was in deep meditation. Anya walked over to her , standing completely in front of her, and with full intention looked directly at her and did not move for 20 minutes or so. Afterwards Corinne related to us her unexpected healing session Anya had given her! Corinne has deep pain often in her one arm, that day it was bothering her more than usual, but she did not want to tells us, to not impede anything we were going to do that day. As Anya stood in front of her, she felt Anya's energy over her and the pain slowly started to recede, til it was washed away. At the moment that it was gone, Anya quietly walked away.

Healing with Anya

It always amazes me how much they want to help us, heal us, if we just stay quiet and open our hearts. I have had many experiences with my horses, that I tell in other posts, but when they also do this for others, my heart just melts in wonder and gratitude.

Giving & receiving precious gifts

I thank these honourable Beings 4 legged & 2 legged for coming and being part of Kindred Spirits.