Inspirational Yoga & Horse Retreat at the Caribbean Seaside Chapter 2

Poses, Poses and more Poses! What beautiful asanas can be done with the horse. Can you imagine yourself doing this?

Forward Bend

Linda did, and this is what she did after her first lesson with Yoga and only a little previous riding!

Tree Pose with Linda and Anya

Both Anya and Shiloh, very experienced Yogis. These horses have such inner peace during these poses. Sometimes we thought they had fallen asleep, until you would see a little movement from Anya as she rebalanced herself under the weight of her rider, to make she her rider was safe and would not fall. Just amazing she is!

Mirrored Back bends

All these poses balanced on the horse bring inner core strength.

Full leg stretch

Guided by our experienced Yogi teacher Corrine Aulakh ,everyone found their bodies moving into unexpected poses with assurance and grace.

Triangle pose with leg lift

Then we finsihed in Easy Seated Pose. Quietly relaxed, our breathing in tune with that of the horse's.