Turrialba mountains and Andalusian horses!


I took a trip to the mountains of Turrialba, near the Volcano Irazu, which by the way has been very active lately, to visit an old friend.  So beautiful this area, high mountains, green lush valleys as far as the eye can see and the Volcan Irazu as its back drop. Coming from the Caribbean we turn left at Siquierres and head into the mountains, passing the Rio Pacuare where all the river rafting is done. Something I have yet to do, but it is on my bucket list! I love this area, so picturesque, like a tropical Switzerland, some even call it Little Switzerland. So different from the Caribbean , yet so near.

After driving 20 minutes we turn down a little side road for another 15 minutes, passing through little farms and houses along the way. Children play on the side on the grassy borders where horses and cows graze. We finally arrive at "Hipica Pacuare" the 100 hectareas ranch of my friend Carlos Orlich. He has a lot of cows I know, but have no idea how many, for producing milk, but his passion is for the noble Andalusian horse. At the moment he has 100 horses, fillies, colts, mares and stallions, all roaming free on the grassy hills of his ranch.


Having lived in San Jose for many years but always running his family ranch, he has now built his spacious log home. He lives his dream in the mountains with his beautiful and charming wife Marta, the horses , his family with grandchildren who visit, the gardens, the cows and the peaceful calmess of country living in Costa Rica.


After a lunch on the porch over looking the tropical gardens, he then proudly brought his prize horses one by one, on the green lawn to show us. One can only be in awe of these majestic yet so gentle horses. Andalusians are known to be proud, noble, full of spirit, yet stable and gentle. I have one of his colts, Nahar, so I know how true this is.


After proudly prancing by the horses are set free on the hills again. We take a walk up into the hills to go see his fillies and colts, some who have been recently weaned. There are different herds through out the ranch and they are moved around to different areas, for the grass to regrow.



Watching these young horses with older mares to watch over them, free, grazing, so peaceful, so trusting. They come up to us, curious, wanting to visit and say hello.

hello beautiful mare


These horses don't have a stressed life in stables, they are allowed to grow up naturally, until 3 years old, when they are borught in and their training slowly begins, step by step. Through out their training they will still spend a lot of time out on the hills, to keep them relaxed and happy.


It was a beautiful day spent with beautiful horses and people.


Then it was time for me to leave and travel on to San Jose to visit my daughter, Lexi,  there and then my friend Corinne, the Yoga instructor, who lives in the mountains of Escazu over looking the valley of San Jose and beyond!  Next adventure ahead! With more beautiful horses! I am living in Paradise, couldn't be happier :)