A visit with a passionate horsemen from the Royal Spanish School of Equestrian Arts

Today I met up with my friend Corinne and off we went to visit Javier and his stables where he trains, rides and gives lessons. I have rarely met a more passionate man who is so happy with what he does. His love for horses and the true equestrain art is so obvious, when you are in his presence.

We walked through the stables and visited these beautiful steeds, who seem to come straight out of a heroic movie. Carlos, my friend, who I visited yesterday, owns these stables and Javier trains many of his horses as well as his own and those of others. What I noticed and felt immediately was the calm that reigned throughout, the horses, were happy and peaceful in their spacious stalls, munching on their happy, hanging their heads out the doors to check us out and nuzzle us, all friendly, inquisitive and peaceful. In the background music from the south of Spain could be heard. Andalusian music can be very dramatic, very passionate with a beautiful rythm that can create the perfect feel when riding and training horses. The horses seemed to like the music too, and when out in the arena, danced to the rythm.

Javier took one of the horses, this one 1/2 Andalusian 1/2 Thoroughbred, a tall big bay gelding, into the arena with a halter to give us a little show on ground movements. What a display, as he brought him into a deep bow. Laughingly, Javier said "See, our horses do Yoga poses like you do!"



Throughout this time, Javier spoke gently with the horse, a smile on his lips and only the lightest movement, imperceptible of his fingers, and his horse danced, pranced and bowed.

A friend came to visit, a saddle maker with his little 3 year old grandson Philipe. Now Philipe's face, when he sees a horse, lights up. It seems that not only does Javier have a love and patience with horses but also with children, as he invited little Philipe for a ride. With a little spring Javier jumped onto the horses bare back and gathered Philipe in his arms and off they went.


What can I say more, better I just put the photos here, it says it all, more beautifully than I could ever write.


So with a farewell and knowing we would soon see Javier by us in May, then later August & October for which he would come to give a clinic, off we went, our hearts and minds full of dreams, ideas and possibilites.

It is always such an amazing thing to see someone who lives and breathes for his passion with horses. Gentle, firm, confident, the horses are at ease with Javier. I have so much to learn from him, and I cannot wait.