Fun Day Trekking in the mountains of Escazu, Costa Rica

After our day with Javier and his horses, we took to the mountains of Escazu with Corinne's horses Half Pint and Santana. Santa Anna Valley


2 special horses that Corinne found and was able to offer them a better life. Half Pint is young, and at first she told me he was full of tricks, and had no idea of lightness and contact, now she does headstands on him! Santana on the other hand, is no young chick, today she is 18. Corinne got her in a pitiful state and she had closed herself off from the world, and carried an absent look in her face and being. Now she enjoys giving rides to little children and follows Corinne around everywhere. She has had allergy problems and could hardly ride into the mountains without being out of breath and stopping alot. Today she goes up those steep hills without missing a beat, galloping up inclines to the top. She is quite the sports girl now! Still on the slim side, Corinne is still foucused on her food intake and helping her to fully recover. Equine dentist is on his way!

So after breakfast we got ready to ride. Half Pint and Santana waiting by the tree with Antonia, Corinne's very special gardener, horse help and friend who lives on the property with his family. He is such a great guy, happy, honest, friendly, knowledgable, a real warm country person from these parts of Costa Rica. He has a very green thumb, and produces  amazing organic vegetables and salads all year long!

Ready to go!

Up the road we went, from pavement to dirt roads then winding paths through the forests. The view was spectacular, overlooking the whole central valley from east to west. To the north lies the Volcano Poas. In the center of the vally lies the whole city of San Jose, and it is surrounded by pure countryside in the mountains.

Such a contrast of modern living and country living side by side, touching eachother. It had been a dry season until now, and the rains have just started in the last few days, but already the green has sprouted everywhere, so fast. In the tropics it is amazing how the land recovers when the rains starts. Its like watching one of those fast forward natures documentaries!

The Rolling Hills

When we got to the top of the mountain, we dismounted to let the horses rest and graze.



We did a few stretching movements to relieve our muscles, though I must admit, the horses did all the work!

Downward Facing Horse



Coming back down the mountain we passed through a little Tico village with the sounds of local Tico Spanish music, children and dogs in the streets. A little old church on the corner covered in a colourful display of bouganvillia flowers was breath taking. All was good and peaceful in this rural village setting.

Small Tico village

Another surprise awaited us around a corner. An old man with a grey beard came out of a wooden rancho style house, calling "We must come, he has something to show us that we have NEVER seen before!" Corinne and I looked at eachother, and nodded, THIS we had to see! He walks out of the house carrying something in an old yellow blanket, takes it out and sets it on the fender of an old wrecked Toyota jeep. Wow, what a surprise, I was expecting a rare animal or bird, instead before our eyes was a piece of incredible art! He explained that is was made out of one piece of leather and with only a small knife he had created this owl with minute detail, each feather a work of preciseness and beauty. Stunning!  He then told us his story, his wife. He was an interesting man who had lived and still lives and interesting life and he had come up for the day in the mountains to help an old friend, cut wood and clear his land. He wasn't that young anymore himself, but when a friend was in need, what can you do?

Costa Rican Artist

We headed back to Corinne's home with all our lovely adventures in our mind, talking and chatting along the way.

up the hill

To finish off the day, we needed something sweet and decadent, so we met up with Corinne's good friend Lisa and headed to the coffee pastry shop!

Decadent Rewards!


good food & good friends!

As the sun set and evening turned into darkness, the Central Valley turned into a fanatsic light show!

What a way to end this day!

Lights of San Jose