The One Thing We All Truly Want, An Easter Reflection

Today is Easter Sunday.

It brings back to me so many warm and happy memories. Memories of playing hot, warm or cold with my Grandpa as I searched for Easter eggs on our farm back in Canada. My parents, my grandparents, Spring in the air, fresh new green blades of grass shooting from the earth, birds singing, my horses enjoying the warm sun upon their backs as they graze. Happy, safe and loved.



These are emotions that everyone, every living being on earth desires, searches for and needs.

Whatever your Faith or non Faith, we can still listen to the words of Jesus Christ and what he wanted for us. To be happy, to be safe, to be loved. He told us to be without judgment, to accept others as they are, to spread light and love. These are the words I felt from Jesus, when I read the Bible a few times, many years ago. They were the words of my grandfather, a preacher who took his family in 1930 to Palestine to spread in what he believed was the word of God. He was loved by the Jews, by the Arabs and British alike for what he did and how he was with people.

In our world today, which I felt had been becoming more united, now feels as becoming more divided, one against the other, even in our own countries, our communities and families. People judging other races, judging different sexes, different lifestyles, different political ideals, being unaccepting and unforgiving, remaining ignorant in fighting what they believe in or just used to believing in. But truly what do they really want, what do we all really want? To be accepted for who we are and to be Happy, Safe, be loved and give love. WE ARE ALL THE SAME, yet unique and different. Vive la difference!


More than ever we must come together, with non judgement, forgiveness and show compassion to others. Have you heard the expression “You cannot understand the mind of a man until you have walked in his shoes and trodden in his path.” ? I remind myself of this often, when I do not understand someone else and what and why they are doing things so differently than the way I would.

Whether you believe in a God, or the Universal energy or nothing. I am sure you believe in love or at least want to feel loved, be loved and give love. This doesn’t cost anything. Al little love can go along way and have an endless ripple effect in the world.

May this day, Easter Sunday, remind you of Jesus (how ever you see him as and whatever he is for you) of how he asked God to forgive these men, they know not what they do.  I hope you have a forgiving heart, show compassion to others who know not what they do. Putting out a little love and compassion brings a little more light to this world. I believe in this light, I believe that as humans we are capable of such wonderful things, I believe in the power of nature to heal us.

And I believe horses can help us. Allow the horse to become your teacher, learn to listen to his spirit, and he will guide you towards the light.

May your day be filled with light and love, compassion and forgiveness and self acceptance.

Happy Easter!