10 Steps to a Real Yoga Connection with Your Horse


When we find our stillness, our peace within, horses want to connect with us. They have been waiting a long time. They are calling us, inviting us to join them. When they feel we are willing to listen, that our hearts are open, they are there, waiting to share their endless wisdom with us.

They are always present in the moment. We have to learn how to also be present in the moment, quieting our endless brain chatter, reconnecting with our inner child to discover our True Authentic Selves.

Horses help us do this, guide us, teach us, by just Being in their presence, in the moment. Holding Sacred Space with horses opens the window of possibilities. An energetic emotional connection is created in the stillness of our hearts with those of the horses.

We become more Human Being and less Human Doer

Horses are sensitive sentient Beings. We cannot hide our true emotions from them, however deep we may bury them and hide them even from ourselves. They will mirror this to us by becoming agitated, if we have anger, stress or frustration buried inside of us. They are very sensitive to negative energy and emotions. The good news is that positive energy and happy emotions are also contagious. By being truthful to ourselves of how we feel brings honesty to our relationship with the horse and ourselves. By just admitting we are angry or tense, we release apart of that energy and the horse no longer takes it as a personal threat. We become authentic in our feelings, which is also the beginning of a healing process.

Horses use non verbal language, sensing at a distance, changes in the stance, focus and intent of another herd member or human herd member. You too can learn to sense and feel emotion like horses do, connecting with them energetically through your energy, breath and body language.

A window opens, a connection begins.


These 10 Steps can help you begin the connection with your horse,


1. Share Sacred Space

Share Sacred Space with your horse in a field, pasture or stable. Important that the horse is free and you are safe. Practice the art of Wu Wei “not doing” . Sit in a chair or on the ground. Stay quiet and relaxed. 


2. Breathe

Inhale deeply into your belly, ribs and lungs, exhale completely pulling your abdomen towards your spine. Breathe fully, smoothly and with awareness for 5 minutes.


3. Mindful Meditation/ Tree Root Grounding Meditation

Standing, eyes closed, inhale through the top of your head to your abdomen, exhale through your legs and out the soles of your feet. Imagine roots growing out of your feet and connecting to the centre of the Earth. Grounding, connecting and stabilizing you.


4. Affirmation

Create an affirmation such as “I am grounded, I am loved, I am safe, All is well in my world” whatever inspires you for that day, that moment. Create one and repeat it aloud and silently in your heart.


5. Awareness Focus / soft and hard gaze

Practice your awareness and focus by using your eyes zooming in on an object, then expanding to all around you in your scope of vision. On an inhale looking straight ahead of you, expand your vision to each side without moving your body or eyes, soft gaze. Exhale, bringing your focus on one point in the distance, hard gaze.


6. Observation

Feel life’s rhythms. Be in the Moment. Observe the horses and their behaviour to one another and to you. Watch their movement, what they hear, what they see and how they react to it.

Be aware of the yin and the yang in all life.


7. Right brain activities

Journal, using your right brain/ prey oriented versus left brain predator oriented. Write about what you observe in your surroundings and about your horse. What is making you feel good in this moment right now. Expand your awareness.


8. Emotional Scan

Acknowledging what you are feeling, don't bury or hide it. Voice it out loud and release the negative energy attached to it. Being your True Authentic Self, and accepting how you feel brings trust in your relationship with your horse.


9. Namaste

Greeting, mutual acknowledgement with respect and honour. Walk towards your horse slowly with a light and happy heart. Greet him with your outstretched hand, silently acknowledging his presence with respect and honor. Namaste.


10. Heart to Heart Connection

Standing by your horse, putting one hand on their withers, where their Heart Chakra is and the other hand in front between their forelegs where their second place for their Heart Chakra lies, relax, breathe deeply, smoothly, positive thoughts, a smile upon your face, feel your Heart Chakra open and connect with that of your horse. You have made the energy connection with your horse.


Breathe into this moment, feel the unconditional love, the acceptance of what is, being fully present in this moment.

Just Be. Feel the power of your horse, your power and the power of Life.