How Yoga Can Lead to Self-Indulgence


For my New Years post this time around I didn't want to go too worldly with my theme, but rather introspectively. More about what we can control instead of what we can't.

We can't control what the world powers do or do not do. We cannot control how others think of us, how they react or what they say.

What we can control is our reactions to events, to emotions and to others. In this and many regards, being a Yogi gives us morals to stand by, support us and guide us along our way.

This said, too many times I've seen the meaning of yoga get a little distorted, and becoming more about the β€œMe” and less about the β€œUs”. 

It's easy to see where this confusion might begin to grow in someone when they start their path as a yogi. One is told to look inside, discover oneself, understand oneself, take care of one self, be your true authentic self, follow your path, self- realization, self growth, self discovery. While this is all very true and needed, it does not make it a journey about oneself only.

On this path of self realization, we look inwards to understand ourselves, but should be careful not to do so at the expense of others. We move into stillness in order to be guided from within, to live our daily lives, to inspire ourselves, to inspire others, to have compassion, understanding, forgiveness and allowing others to be who they are and live their journey. We should not need to compare ourselves to others or to feel that we need and must be listened to and heard. 

Instead of shaming ourselves and blaming others, if we simply become curious to how we react in certain situations and what it triggers in us, we will discover so much more about ourselves and begin the process of healing.

Yes being a yogi is about self realization but this is to help us understand others more as well, forgiving ourselves helps us to forgive others, having compassion for oneself helps us to have compassion for others.

Yoga is not about β€œMe” or β€œI’ its about life, its about connection, its about seeing your light in the light of someone else, seeing them with all your soul. Bringing a little more light into the world.
So for 2018 I invite you to open your eyes, open your heart and soul and see the light in yourself and in all others. Everyone has a beautiful light within them, no matter what they look like or how they act. Focusing on seeing and feeling the light within yourself and everyone, you’ll notice a positive change in your life.

It will make your life happier, fuller, more meaningful and better for others. It's on my list of resolutions this year.

So to all and everyone, I say for 2018,